Hello there Parents, I hope you all are well ! its December 1st what a joyous time ! today id like to talk about the e-PRIAM the first e- stroller by Cybex. Now let me just say this is by far one of the best strollers I have ever seen but is it worth it […]

Hello and welcome Mommy & daddies Today id like to shed some light on the Baby Bumbo seat! is it a name we can trust or not so much ? Baby Bumbo Seat or Feeding chair: okay so as we know now the “Bumbo” seat is a feeding chair but some parents are a bit […]

Hello and Welcome Mamas and Papas. Today i want to talk about Twins, identical or not they’re still such a blessing! i myself only have one, although while pregnant was wondering what i would have as twins ran in my daughters fathers family, either way i was blessed with my little baby bug. Having twins […]

Hi there, and welcome to my blog, so I thought today we could talk a little more about what all of us as parents and/or guardians need, Parenting tips. People say “it takes two to tango” which is true and also why a child or children need the guidance of both parents although we all […]

MY STORY. Hello there My name is Nikki and I am 21 years of age currently and also a single parent of one, my daughter is 3 years of age and she’s such a bubbly happy kid i absolutely adore her, unfortunately i had her when i was 18 but that didn’t stop me one […]